Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our First Biggest Fear

Do you still remember our first biggest fear? Well, for me my first one would be berkhatan. I know it sounded quite hideous for us, but that is our first biggest fear (for boys only) in life.

My brother did face the same fear, khatan. At first, everything was fine. He looked very brave and sounded very confident. So, we expected nothing would happen. However, everything went upside down when the day arrived. My father together with my uncle brought him to the clinic. But, when they arrived there, my brother started to make complaints. He first said that the doctor wasn't professional enough from the way he dressed up. (i think because he was so afraid of it). The he started to complain about lots of things. My mom wasn't there so he said that he needed my mom to be there. They went back home without being khatan. My mom went to the clinic for the second time together with me. Then, he also made lots of complaints and said that khatan is so painful. I told him:

Dik min nak kasi doktor khatan ka atau nak balik rumah biar abang potong sendiri guna gunting?

Maybe he was very afraid of me, he decided to choose the doctor (hahaha).

I still remembered khatan during my time. It was quite easy. My father brought me to the clinic and everything went smoothly. But, the only thing i remembered was that i fainted after that due to the loss of blood. Hahaha. At least, i didn’t make as much chaos as my brother made!


I think it is still not too late to wish this:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hikayat kambing masuk air

Who say a goat is afraid of water? Well, you will change your mind after reading my story. It’s not a love story or a ghost story; it is a GOAT’S story.

* Please read it by heart and understand the message behind it. Ignore the flowery phrases I use :-)

I was at my auntie’s house in Pangkor. She is a woman of boundless energy and single-minded drive. She is also a lady of average height and in her early forties. She had wrinkled skin, an aquiline nose and arched eyebrows. With jet-black and shoulder length hair, she looked exactly like Dita Von Teese (this is too much) at first glance.

It was a fine Friday morning as usual. The sun rose majestically in the sky heralding the dawn of a glorious new day and the cheerful chirpings of a multitude of birds could be heard. The earth was alive with insects singing and rustling about in search of food. There was also the blare of music from the radio and the soothing sounds of leaves.

I was sitting on a unique dining table reflecting great English style together with my family and my auntie while enjoying her nasi lemak. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the fragrant smell of nasi lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk served with anchovies, chilli paste, boiled egg, fried peanuts, slices of cucumber and lettuce made my mouth water. I enjoyed that exotic culinary delight.

After that, I went outside the house to read newspapers. It was the ultimate Tudor-style country house with latticed windows and wooden beams. The house had an aesthetic style and emphasised high standards of craftsmanship. The wide cemented porches that lay flat on the surface and a beautifully lush landscaped garden with delicate pale-gold and purple flowers were a sight for sore eyes.

Suddenly, I saw a goat inside a pool near my auntie’s house. I was so dumbfounded to see that. I just did not know where the goat came from. I was so attracted to see how the goat tried to save his life. The goat made a noisy sound, asking for help. After a few minutes of struggling in the pool, a few other goats came near the nearly drowning goat, trying to help him. But, they couldn’t do anything. The goat was still ‘screaming’. With the intelligence that God gave to him, he tried to find ways of escaping from death at that moment. Finally, luck was on his side. The goat saved his life with no one’s help. He used the intelligence that God gave to it to find a big stone in the pool. He climbed the stone, pushed his body and voila! He made it.

It was quite fun to see how the goat could save his life. But until now, I still could not figure out how the hell on Earth, a goat can enter a house with fence around it? There was no goat farm near the house. Oh, maybe God wanted to show something.

I just could not sleep that night. I still could not understand it. Maybe God wants to show us something. That is us in real world. If we want to be successful in life, we cannot rely on other people. Instead, we need to make a drastic move. We need to do it on our own. We need to change ourselves. That is the reality of life. We cannot depend on others to be successful in life. That is why God wants us to think. If an animal that God does not give any ability to think can survive, why not us? Remember, we are not animals. We have brains. So, use them

Reflect and think about it

Allah says: "Allah will not change the fate of a people until they change their own fate." (Ar-Ra'du:11)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

eid ul adha

I just came back from my grandpa’s house in Pahang to celebrate raya there. This year only, I went back there for 3 times :-) . Nothing interesting happened. It was just normal raya ( but still fun) with korban. Oh yeah! My grandpa had korban. I was so touched to hear takbir. Oh, I wished I was in front of Kaabah during that moment.

So, enjoy the photos !!!

my auntie who is currently a teacher (2nd raya at Pantai hiburan)

the family of 7 R ( roshidah @ my mom, rodziah, roslan, rosna, rosli, rofiza, ruslizayanti)

My mom, dad n lily


in front of my grandpa's house @ tesco because of the size of the house :-)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

my undying blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Let’s see. It has been 2 months since the last time I wrote something here. Maybe I was quite lazy to write because there were so many activities here; in KYUEM. But my blog is still alive! And now, I am back. It’s semester break and I hope I will have more time to write something here.

Talking about what I did for the past few weeks, there were so many things happened. I took my semester exam last month and the result was announced 2 weeks after that. I didn't know what went wrong with the exam. The exam turned out to be very bad for me. I blamed nobody for my failure but myself. Maybe I played too much for the past few weeks and I was being overconfident about the exam. I have made a promise to myself not to play anymore. (ye kan Alifah ?:-)). Next year is going to be an ‘insaf’ mode for me because I really, really need to change. Last week too was the End of Semester dinner. I went crazy during the concert because the song was very nice. Really had fun eating together with my friends and that didn’t include the part when I could not figure out the trick that Harinn taught us to play. Unfortunately, the night saw Topaz won the inter-house video competition (I thought Sapphire would have won because of the originality that they had).

I also spent my weekend with Harinn, Alifah, Eju, Amin and Azman. We went to my uncle’s house. It was an unplanned trip either because it was a last minute decision. We just didn’t know where to go during that day and I just invited them to follow me. Just imagined, there were 7 people in my uncle’s CRV! Thank God, I was sitting in front! But, the worst part was when we went to the river and it was raining! Hahaha. I think you should read Eju’s post and you will know how adventurous the trip was. We went to the nearby ‘pondok’ without knowing it was ’Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kuala Kubu Baru’. But frankly speaking, we really had a whale of time together.

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you something. I had mouth fighting with Almaz over Harinn . I think that was on our last night when we had our last dinner at the café. I still remember how Almaz ‘warned’ me: Ngko jangan zuli! Sekali aku gedik, ngko tak sangka aku akan jadi camni”. And we dared her to show it to us. And she did! Unbelievable! Thanks Almaz for cheering us up with your ‘gedikness’ when we already lost our mood to talk. It was extremely fun!

I also became the host for our Movie Gala Night. We watched 3 movies in a row which ended up I slept before having the chance to watch the last one. We woke up very late and fortunately, I didn’t have any class at all. But, poor Chuky and Fawwaz. Both of them slept in my chalet and I forgot to wake them up. We were so tired!

Last week too, I learned how to play one game from Afiq Anuar@Kiasu. It was plant vs zombie. I just could not explain to you how addicted I was! The game was not as fun as CS or DOTA, but it was very addictive! I didn’t do my homework during the final week because I was very preoccupied playing that game and watching movies! You will not believe me if I tell you that I watched 2 movies every night during the final week! But, I still manage to complete my Chemistry assignment. Huhu.

I still have a lot of things to write but I’m so tired right now. I need to get my Chemistry essay done. Let the pictures tell you how enjoyable the whole semester was!! Thank you everyone!!!

during the weekend

makan-makan during movie night

end of semester dinner

BNM orientation program at Kompleks Peranginan BNM Port Dickson

posing first before it got rained

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Theme : Glowing Purple
Location : Home Sweet Home ( Kedah)

Title : Video Malam Raya
Location : Bazaar Raya di Kedah

Raya disambut sekali setiap tahun. Raya sepatutnya menjadi bulan kemaafan. Jadi, bolehkah Raya menjadi sesuatu yang bosan sepertimana segelintir dari kita fikirkan? Adakah bosan untuk memohon maaf sesama muslim ? Sambutlah raya dengan hati yang ikhlas dan bersih.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Monday, September 14, 2009

Days before Raya

Alethea's birthday
Buka puasa with Azman, Harin and Alifah
Movie night
Buka puasa with Eju, Anati and Amin

It’s the month full of blessings. I’ve made a promise to myself to make full use of this month; gaining blessings and seeking goodness from Him. Sometimes, I need time to reflect myself; what I have done so far in this world. Sometimes too, I’m not so sure whether what I do is right or wrong. Is this what we call as soul searching? Mmm. I just don’t know. I just try to understand it; hoping that one day I can find the answer. In less than one week we are going to celebrate Raya and I’m also looking forward for Lailatul Qadar. I always pray that Ramadhan will be the turning point in my life. True enough, Raya has always been the day that we are waiting for especially for young people. But come to think of it again, you start to realise the excitement to celebrate Raya will no longer be like yesteryears. As you grow older, you really wish to turn the clock back, to become a kid back and celebrate Raya the way we always used to celebrate it. Again, it’s something impossible and you just need to accept who you are right now.

My parents are going to go back to Pahang and I’m not going to follow them. I really want to celebrate raya with my grandma in Kedah, because she is the one who takes care of me since I was young. I spent most of my time with her as for me, she’s the best grandma you can have. There was one time (last year to be exact) when I didn’t celebrate Raya with her and I felt very guilty. Usually, we will go back to Pahang on the second raya. I just do not want to repeat the same mistake again.

I went out with my friends, Alifah, Harinn and Azman to break our fast outside the college. It was fun, and I really mean it. Breaking fast together and seeing how Azman was about to be hit by a car :-) were something that I will never forget. A week after that, I went out breaking fast with Amin, Eju and Anati. It was fun either as that was my first time in life breaking fast at mamak’s stall. Amin was still kempunan tak dapat buka puasa kat KFC.

I did the cup cakes request together with my team for our fund raising. It was very tiring because that was our first time managing 450 cup cakes all together. We managed the cup cake request until the café worker chased away. Hahaha.. thank God, we managed to make lots of profit and insya-Allah, our house trip will not be at plaza tol lembah beringin. ( no promise ok?)

Alethea’s birthday party was also fun.. Thanks kak sarah n mandor for the cake and Alethea cried, for her that was her best party ever. Hahahha.

I also learnt something priceless in KYUEM, that there are many types of people.W hat do you think if you do something to this particular person, and this person never appreciates it?. Mm… whatever.. malas nak fikir.

I had my math, physics and chem test before holiday. So far so good but I’m still not satisfied with the marks.

Some people advised me, relaks lah Zulikhwan. Baru first time.

Aiyo.. Mana boleh relaks lar . nanti takut x sempat catch up. I need to double up my work. It’s very hard right now to get a place for medicine in the UK. So, I really need to work hard. I really hope I can make it to the UK..

Salam Ramadhan,

p/s : x tahu kenapa tangan aku gatal tulis panjang kali nie and cam nak nangis jer tulis nie.. terharu sebab apa ek?? Hahah.. nie pasti sebab ngada2..hahahaha...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging from KYUEM

Let’s see. Since 1 month ago, this is my first posting from KYUEM. It’s not because of laziness, but because of poor internet connection I have in KYUEM. Lots of things happened in just a month but so far so good.
i. Went back to koleq with Abang Raf, Fendy and Fido. I truly had fun there
ii. The college was attacked by a seasonal mild flu.
iii. Enjoyed the Garnet Welcoming Dinner and also the ‘cheer’ plus the ‘Penyucian Dosa’ .
iv. Went crazy during Maths n Biology classes with my wonderful classmates. ( being speechless during the biology class.. Sang a few songs with Alia and Aliffah during maths and debated with Sara over the liquid paper)
v. Had MoU with Sara to make Fido jealous which ended up he didn’t understand it.
vi. Had MoU with the future president of MUSCOM to put me at least in Syukbah Multimedia 
vii. Came out with new words n vocabs during English class.
viii. Ate at the cafe
ix. Joined the Indian dance for the Cultural performance.
x. Cracked my head during Chemistry.
xi. Went to Tanjung Malim for the first time with Amin, Harinn and Azman.
xii. Disturbed Alifah and smiled at her – hepi bila tgok muka blurr nyer sebab tak paham
xiii. So, what else?.. Mmm.. Gossiping ( as always) with Ashee for trying to be Mrs. Ford’s pet student. Harinn and Luqman tried to join the team but they are so innocent.. tak paham satu apa pown.

I really love KYUEM for now.. and Im so crazy enjoying myself + studying!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Starting over a new chapter !!

I know when I first step in to KYUEM, I will embark on a new chapter in my life . Things are different right now. I’ve met lots of new friends, new teachers and I'm also in a new environment right now. I'm currently a part of Garnet family @ Garnetor (not Garnetron ok :-) ). Here in KYUEM, everyone has to be independent. There was one time when a senior told us, in KYUEM, the only entertainment that we have is one another and it seems that what he said is right (unless you have misunderstood it). KYUEM is located in Lembah Beringin, an isolated place where you can find no grocery shop at all. I’m doing my A-levels here, taking up 4 subjects of my choice.

My life here is KYUEM is good for now. We have a week of induction program with full of activities. We also organized Batch Anniversary for Batch 11 and it was a success for all of us, the batch 12. This is something unique about KYUEM where it’s not just a place to get good A-Levels results but also a place that teach you to be a human, not just an ordinary person, but a person who can bring 1001 changes to the whole world. They also have this so called red letter day ( and until now, i havent received letters from my pet bro and pet sis :-))

But of course, I still miss my friends in MCKK, Rashad, Fido, Fendy and Yuyu to name a few. Right now, we all have chosen different paths with different things to be done in our life. Fido is in Taylors right now, Yuyu in Teikyo Institute, fendy in Help University and Rashad is in UiTM doing CAT. But, there is always something that we will never forget, the bond that each and everyone of us share. The bond that cannot be told in a single word. We are taught, by nature, to provide shoulder when someone is crying. We are being taught to share the burden together. This is the thing that we will never forget till the rest of our lives.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pakat Mai Kedah!

Next week before I start my whole new chapter in KYUEM, my parents have decided to do a ' Majlis Kesyukuran dan Bacaan Yaasin'. For me, this is just a simple yardstick to show how thankful I am for everything happened for the past 7 months. Let's recapitulate what has happened.

1. I'm so thankful to God for giving me such long and amazing months of holidays. At least I have adequate time to spend with my family especially with Lily.
2. Thank God for giving me such like these achivements so far. It all startsed with getting straight A1s in all the 10 subjects I took for SPM, continued with Kijang Emas Bank Negara and finally SBP Full Colours Award. What else can I say except for bersyukur. terima kasih ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. I guess this is a test given by God to see wether that particular person can maximise the opportunity he has with humility and without being arrogant along the way
3. The biggest gift from God, of course my sister, Lily. When she was in the hospital, it was a 50-50 condition, and all the doctors lost hope during that moment. However, I guess God has a better plan for her and she recovers very fast after being put under ICU for 38 days.
4. Thank God too for giving such wonderful friends so far. What else can I say rather than being thankful for having Rashad, Fido, Fendy n Yuyu or even my old boys, Abg Raf, Abg Izzat and the rest of other old boys. Giving wonderful advices and helping me to stand up whenever i'm at the lowest point of my life
5. I've gained 14kgs so far. For some, this is just a burden but I'm so thankful for at least, I have enjoyed all of my mom's cook without being worried about my weight :-)

So, I would like to invite all of my friends, teachers, readers to my house for the event. I'm waiting you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is the biggest 'Majlis Kesyukuran' done by my family so far because it's like wedding ceremony. The invitation card above is for all of you. Muah. Love you so much!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Journey to the South!!!!

At 8.30 pm on last Thursday, my mom received a call from grandpa in KL telling that my uncle passed away a few minutes ago. It was a sudden for us to hear that news and nothing could be done when tears started to flow. My mom cried because he was her closest brother and I knew how she felt during that moment.My uncle died due to leukemia, a disease that we never expected him to get it, at Ampang Puteri Specialist Centre. ust imagine, it was like yesterday he teased me but today, he died. He was a very active guy physically, spending more than an hour working out in the gym but suddenly, he was sent to the hospital for having leukemia.If I'm not mistaken, he was diagnosed with leukemia 3 weeks ago but we never expected him to leave us. he was the Manager of FELDA Plantation and maybe his work contributed to this illness as he was exposed to many chemicals while doing daily inspection at the farm. He passed away around 8am on 25th June 2009 at Ampang Puteri Specialist Centre, leaving a wife and 5 small children. May Allah bless him. I just cannot stop thinking of his kids, losing such a great dad at a very young age. That's the reason why I didn't attend my school's Speech Day. By the way, kudos to P-jol for grabbing the scholar of the year :-). But what I'm trying to say right now is that death can take place anywhere, anytime no matter how healthy that person is. A couple of days ago, Michael Jackson @ Mikael passed away and until now, his fans are still crying. And i'm still thinking, am I ready to leave this world? If it happens I die after typing this, will i be in heaven? How about all of my sins before this?. Will Allah forgive me? Is this what people call as soul searching of whatever it is?.Mmm.. i just leave this question mingling in my mind, hoping that one day, I will find the answer. I just leave it to Allah to judge it but I do hope I'm doing the right thing while I can still feel the air. So, we went back to Segamat directly after hearing that news and I could see all of my aunties and uncles were very sad, hoping that they would have spent more time with him as he was a very nice brother and he remains the best uncle ever!!



After 5 days in Segamat, I went back home today (29th June 2009) and I directly set in front of my computer to type this. On my way back to Alor Setar, I asked my parents to stop at KYUEM, just to check the college. The first impression when I heard 'Lembah Beringin' I feel quite uncomfortable as the name itself gives a different feeling to me.'Beringin'.. mm.. sounds like a haunted place. Putting all of my perspectives on the college aside, i went there with my family. my father drove passing the toll plaza and I could feel how 'beringin' that place is. To tell you the truth, there's no one around the place, just full of empty houses. I didn't see any car passing us. My brother, Ameen told me that I'm going to study with ghosts and I kinda agree with him.hehehe.. Lembah Beringin is a very quite place and I really mean it. Frankly speaking, I never expected an A-levels college to be like that. I mean, it's very quiet and there's no shop at all!. After 3 km of driving, we finally arrive at the college. What else can I say?. Wow!!!! It's a very beautiful college located in its very own campus. then, I went into the college and stopped near the students' service department. I talked to a clerk there and she told me that Bank Negara doesn't give the list yet.They only booked 10 places. I told her I just wanted to walk around to check the college. The clerk said that I could walk around but she didn't allow me to have a look inside the chalet where I'm going to stay. She only told me that there will be 4 rooms in a chalet with 2 attached bathrooms and one room per person. So, i just walked around and my parents told me that it's a very great place to study as there's no distraction at all. I did agree with them. it's just my mom who kept on complaining that I'm going to die there! (;-)). I don't mind if that place is so,so isolated as long as I can get great results and it's good for my personality upbringing, then everything will be fine for me. Not having any near shop is not a big deal for me. What I can say right now is that I'm so eager to be there. I just cannot wait. KYUEM, here I come and that's the end of my jouney to the south!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I did in a week!!!

Ok.. This was my entire schedule for the last week!

6.34 a.m
-Woke up.. Subuh Prayer and i slept back!

11.00 a.m
-Woke up again and had my BREAKFAST!
-TV and internet (sometimes i went to PDK- my sister's school and be there till 12. I become a volunteer there. Its very fun to see those special kids learn something . There's an emotional touch when you some some of them are being ignored by the families.That's true not a joke because once you know them, you will eventually learn the value of it which I just cannot describe it in words)

Some of the activities there.. they are also being taught how to sim

1.30 p.m
- Took my brother from the school and had my lunch with my grandma!

2.30 p.m
- Sent back my brother for the 2nd session of schooling! Again... TV and internet

5.00 p.m
- Gossip time with my mom! or playing badminton (but, i look still the same )

6.00 p.m
- Pasar Malam or Movie Time ( went to the cinema )

7.00 p.m
- The biggest Loser on Hallmark channel ( ulangan lol)

8.00 p.m
- Dinner, TV and internet

2.00 a.m
- Ok.. Time to sleep..

Argh.. I guess i will have the same routine next week!. I still have one month before I start my a-level in KYUEM. I also received an offer from JPA to go to Ireland. Doing a-level in INTEC. I think I have enough holidays by now. I will be in my school back next week for the Speech Day. right now I'm trying to plan something that can make me use my brain !!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my Updates!

Receiving the award from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

The recipients.

With the boys during the award ceremony

Mom and kakak, Mieza. My dad didnt want to attend the dinner because he didnt like formal event like this..Huhu ( But i guess dia anti Muhyiddin kowt.Hahahahaha)

The lucky boys and girls

Just come back from Kuantan 2 days ago, visiting my uncle and I sat directly in front of my computer to post this. 5 things happened in less than a week. I don't wish to write this long, just as simple as possible because I am not in the mood to write this post.

Ok, First PPM. BI team. They lost to STF but from what Rashad told me, they should have won the debate. I was neither sad nor happy for the loss , because I know they had done their best. I know they had put all they could to win the debate. Maybe it's not their time yet, because their time will come soon. I could see disappointment in their eyes when I met them during the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang. Had enough time chatting with them and how they felt about losing. I always tell them, you have to put your trust in HIM, because He will show you the path. You just have to wait and see Insya-Allah, you can make a difference to the world. they still have another year to prove it to us. For BM team, they made it to the quarter and lost. I guess Aqwa and Nash would cry as it was their last debate. Just want to give credits to these people including the BI team. Looking at their promises, I know they will try to improve themselves (well, they already improved their skills and performance. What else you expect from them?).Basketball team, for the first time in 5 years, they did not make it to the knock out round. It was very surprising to see the champion for 5 consecutive years lost this time around. But again, there must be a reason behind it.

Next, I received a call from SBP Management Division that I received the full colours award. Surprising right? because i never expected to get it. So, the ceremony was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre and I went there with my parents.

Third, my uncle has a lung disease so he had to undergo an operation at Ampang Puteri Specialist Centre. I went visiting him before I went to Putrajaya.

After the ceremony, I directly went back to Kuantan because my mother's brother had leukimia. It was very critical and my mom wanted to go back as soon as possible because she was quite afraid if she never has the chance to meet him anymore. My mom loves her brother as much as she loves her family.

Ok. Just want to share another thing. First time in my life, I watched 2 movies straight in a day with my sister. After we came back from Kuantan, I went to the cinema, yesterday,with my sister, Mieza. We watched terminator Salvation and then, Jangan Pandang belakang Congkak. Crazy, right? Spending 4 hours of watching movie.huhuhu. Thanks to my sister's friend, for giving us two free tickets for Terminator and my sister had to buy two other tickets for JPBC because she had promised to treat me. So, i told her, why not we watched another movie. then, she agreed. ( Nasib baik dia tak ada boyfriend lagi. Kalau tak...hahhahahaha). So, both movies were ok-lah. but, i did expect more from Terminator and it looked like my sister really enjoyed it.

Terminator Salvation ( i didnt like the movie. Sorryy but my sister really had a good time watching it.)

(Mmm.. Ok Lah)

ok, that's it. All of my updates. Insya-allah, my blog will be kept updated. Hahahahahaha.... This is the journey of my soul and my life. This is my lifestyle story (ala2 kimora pulak ;-p)

p/s : oh shit! First time trying to upload video using blogger video.. Lambat giler. So, i just cancelled the upload lah. Malas nak tunggu. the video was on the award ceremony. It was in Berita RTM and there was also my picture receiving the award. Huhuhu

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is what will happen if.....

This is what will happen if you stay at home for a very long time.. A very boring week.. Don't have anything to say and I'm quite lazy to post anything actually... Mmm.. But, I've promised to upload a few photos and here are some of the photos

with Shaheer and Fauuuuzan

Ed and the b*****s

The coaches... ( not in pic : Aslam, Fido, Abg Izat n Abg Rough)

Fendy and Rashad

With the first three

Fauzan, Adam and Shaheer

My sister's birthday party (party ka??)

3 budak gemok yang masih ada di rumah

Waiting for the flight..

With Kakak, Tok n Amin during the holiday

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Debate and 2 birthday ParTieS!!!!!

It had been a week full of many surprising things... First, on 24th April , it was a day of my sister's n grandma's birthday.. So, we celebrated at the sister is 13 right now and i wish if i could change the world, the first thing is to turn the clock back because my time to be with her will get shorter right now.. She will leave me soon.... this is also the 71st birthday of my granma.. She's quite old right now but still strong and the only thing she wants to see is to see me as a successful person and she also wishes to be with me until i become a cardiologist.. Another party would be nash's birthday party and we celebrated it in uia...

Next day, I went to UIA together with fendy... We made a move from Butterworth to UIA around 1... We stayed at Abg Raf's Kyoto Garden... Thanks Abg Raf for everything.. Just cannot forget your Jemput-jemput.. hahah.. After this we cannot'pow' abg raf ...

About UIA? MMmmm... they lost... English 1st team lost at octo-final against SMK Green Road... 2nd team did not make it to the knock-out round... For BM,.... 1st team lost at double octo and 2nd team won 3 debates at the 1st round

I think although the BI team didnt make it to the final, they made a great achievement in the eyes of old boys.. That was the first time I saw fauzan and Adam cried and it touched my heart ( of course lah shahir nangis gak)..

Personally i think, they had achieved more than what I expected from them... Let the pictures tell you how great they are in my eyes... I will upload the photos later after I come back from Langkawi..

Fauzan : you have become more matured and it's very surprising to see you, a small boy, become a macho boy..

Shahir : You are more confident right now and I believe you can overcome anything along your way to success in your own 'gedik' way

Adam : I'm very proud of you.. You become a more humble guy and i just cannot imagine how good you are..

Second tea( Butat, Huzaimi, Mia, Syazwan + Safuan) : you made a very great job and maybe you were not lucky but trust me, you guys have improved a lot.

I hope to see you guys again during PPM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the Kijang's Story

Well, i don't really wish to write this long. I just want you to see some of the pictures. Maybe many will ask, why it's Kijang's story? It's simply because everything is all about Kijang in Bank Negara. We stayed at their clubhouse, Lanai KIJANG, i got KIJANG emas award, we walked around Sasana KIJANG and the event was at Bilik KIJANG. So, everything is about Kijang. HAHAHAHA

The quiet Ho, the caring Alifah, the smart-looking Munes and the huha2 boy, Zulikhwan ;-p

With Kak Alia, my 'sister' at Bank Negara...

Lanai Kijang, a great place to be... Give it 6 stars.hahahaa

receiving the award from the Governor

All the scholars including Madihah, the wonderful girl... Where's Ho?

So, that is it. It's time to study right now. But, there is still a dilemma, where to do my A-Level?. Mmm.. No more time to enjoy but still stay focus.

Monday, April 13, 2009

it's time to change the WORLD!!!

I was watching Akademi Fantasia (ulangan) when I received a call from Bank Negara..

Assalamualaikum... boleh cakap dengan adik Zulikhwan

Ye saya..... Kenapa?

Saya Cik A****a dari Bank Negara.. Tahniah! Adik telah mendapat biasiswa kijang emas Bank Negara..

What? I was totally shocked at that time. Speechless!! What else can I say.. Alhamdullilah....

So, Im going to KL with my parents tomorrow.Bank Negara has booked a flight for us from Alor Setar all the way to KLIA.... It's a trip sponsored by Bank Negara.. So, that's it. I'm going to be a doctor and my aim is to go to Cambridge"""Oh lalalala....


Future Dr. Zulikhwan.. Hahahaha... Im bold at the age of 27???Just kidding...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HectiC wEEk!!!!

I think it's not too late for me to come out with this. I mean the week has been very busy for me. It started with the career exposure program, then continued with JPA interview. After i checked my name, I went to INTAN Wilayah Utara for the interview. It was fine for me. I was in the group together with 2 chinese guys and one budak kacukan. Two of us want to be doctors, one for dentistry and another boy for pharmacy. The interview was ok although I was the last person to arrive there. It was a 45-minute group discussion and we got a few topics to be discussed. What could I say is that JPA interview is juat a normal interview. For future candidates, I hope you would be able to know your course very well. I think the one who will get the scholarship is not accessed based on interview, but mostly on your results and co-curriculum. It's simply because you cannot judge 17000+++ candidates from different states using one interview only. It's totally unfair. And how come you want to diffentiate one candidate from one state to another if the interview place is defferent. Mmmm... very weird...So i just hope to get a scholarship for medicine. the result will be annouced in 1 month time.... hahahaha.. Please pray for me..

After I went back home, I slept until 7.00 pm because I was too tired. Suddenly, I received a call from Bank Negara. My mom answered the call. " Zulikhwan tengah tidur"."Minta maaf, saya dari bank negara dan saya perlu bercakap dengan Zulikhwan Ayub". hahahaa... First impression was too bad. She told me I got and interview for Kijang Emas Bank Negara. This is a special scholarship awarded to top students in SPM whereby I can choose the course and the country I want to go. So, i decided to do medicine in the UK. I went to KL with my sister. the interview was not like a normal one because it was one-to-one interview only and the interview was ok for me and I really hope i would be able to get scholarship for medicine because being a doctor is always my dream since i was young. For me all of the interviews were ok and I went to 4 interviews, JPA, MNRB, Bank Negara and Exxon Mobilo. I think what you need to prepare is to be yourself. Just relax and shoot.

After this scholarship-mania, I went back to koleq for the training. For me the boys were good and they have improved. Shahir becomes more gedik, Adam is getting sharper and Fauzan is getting more cute!!! hahaha no lah. He's becoming much better in terms of clarifying caseline. But one thing, Shahir's size has been increasing. Shahir, you should lose more lemak and Adam , you should use facial wash lah..

I was there with Yuhaikal, before Rashad came to join us around 5 pm and Abg Rough and Nabbitch the next day. I was walking with Yuhaikal and suddenly, Cg. Ridwan called me.

Awak apa khabar... Saya sihat cikgu......Saya perlukan pertolongan awak. saya nak calonkan awak untuk full colour sbp. tolong isikan borang ini.....Baik cikgu..

Hahaha.. I was totally shocked. It is never in my mind to be given this opportunity. It's a big honour for me. So again, i really hope to get it because for me once you get the chance, don't let it go. Many people want it so you cannot screw it. So, i started to fill in the form. Then, i walked with Yuhaikal around the school and I looked at the board. There was my name there. Oh my God!!! my ranking in SBP was 158 over 8+++... I was so glad to hear that. SO, bersyukur ke hadrat Allah sekali lagi.

For me, the week was very busy for me and I wish to update each and every single thing. most of my friends go to scholarship interviews, struggling with the IQ test and things like that but for me, because i really want to do medicine, so I just fill in the forms for scholarships that offer medicine only. I have to be focus. I don't want to be like my other friends, they don't know what to do in their life, so they started to fill in everything.. from medicine to accounting to engineering. haiya>>>>>> good Luck lah ye!!!!

I think that all for now. I'm watching Anugerah Bintang Popular right now. Bye.