Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am strong(or even pretending to be stronger than ever)

It is awkward to pretend not having a strong feeling on someone, but yet you yourself, are fighting with your own emotions. It is awkward to deny the feeling I have for you, even though it is a pain to myself. It's awkward when seeing your face everyday and talking to you really make my day, but now I have to pretend to be normal to you. Maybe it is true what you say to me: Things happen for a reason for yet we dont know why. Insya allah we can figure out our way out of this mess.

You know why Im always hard on you, and will always do. Just leave it there. We have to move on. We both have our dreams to be chasing after. And I, I have made a promise to myself that I will never turn back, no matter how much I love you, no matter how nice you have become, no matter how much sorry you say to me, and no matter how painful it is for me. I will never turn back, even once, because loving you is the best thing I have ever done, and letting you go is the hardest thing to do. But, I will never forget you. It may take some time, but i will try, even harder to never think of you - and because I love you so much that I know when is the right time to say good bye..

Living under your own shadow is not a privilege, but rather a wrong choice being made. You have to put off the mask from yourself. Showing a smile to everyone even when you suffer is not good - because ignorance is never a bliss...