Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging from KYUEM

Let’s see. Since 1 month ago, this is my first posting from KYUEM. It’s not because of laziness, but because of poor internet connection I have in KYUEM. Lots of things happened in just a month but so far so good.
i. Went back to koleq with Abang Raf, Fendy and Fido. I truly had fun there
ii. The college was attacked by a seasonal mild flu.
iii. Enjoyed the Garnet Welcoming Dinner and also the ‘cheer’ plus the ‘Penyucian Dosa’ .
iv. Went crazy during Maths n Biology classes with my wonderful classmates. ( being speechless during the biology class.. Sang a few songs with Alia and Aliffah during maths and debated with Sara over the liquid paper)
v. Had MoU with Sara to make Fido jealous which ended up he didn’t understand it.
vi. Had MoU with the future president of MUSCOM to put me at least in Syukbah Multimedia 
vii. Came out with new words n vocabs during English class.
viii. Ate at the cafe
ix. Joined the Indian dance for the Cultural performance.
x. Cracked my head during Chemistry.
xi. Went to Tanjung Malim for the first time with Amin, Harinn and Azman.
xii. Disturbed Alifah and smiled at her – hepi bila tgok muka blurr nyer sebab tak paham
xiii. So, what else?.. Mmm.. Gossiping ( as always) with Ashee for trying to be Mrs. Ford’s pet student. Harinn and Luqman tried to join the team but they are so innocent.. tak paham satu apa pown.

I really love KYUEM for now.. and Im so crazy enjoying myself + studying!!!!!!!!!!!