Thursday, December 11, 2008

mmmm.... : what's next?

Well.... Finally I got the chance to write this after all. It's already 1 month since SPM is over. Talking about SPM? Mmm.There were few things that made it different. First of all, i took it as my last public exam. Second, there was something happened during the exam. That something was very hurtful and painful. I faced it when I was just about to take the exam. It was something unbelievable and so many people did not want to trust me except for this 3 guys who were Kuru, P-Jol and Wan Zai. Thanks to Kuru for helping me to go through that moment at the most crucial time in my life. you were so fascinating that took the challenge to help me although there rest were just leaving me alone. Yeah it's true like what you said; a friend in need is a friend in deed. i had many friends for the last 5 years but they all came to me when I faced happiness. But when I was down, nobody was beside me. And that tragedy had made me realise on one thing; the value of a true friend- wah mcm tajuk essay triple one nine lah pulak. It's better for me to forget about it.
Sometimes, i just wanted to laugh when I think about SPM. there was one time when my pen did not function very well when I was writing 1119 Essay. Bullshit to my pen. All four of them did not work very well when I was writing my essay. Hahahahhahahaha. I raised my hand to borrow a pen from my friend. Well.... the teacher in charged did not see me. I waited for about 30 minutes!!!! That was very tiring.-thanks to Nas for lending me your pen.. God knows what happened mith my paper and what did I feel during that moment. Mmm... there was another thing that I would never forget. I was being quaranteened during my last SPM paper on my last day as a high school student in my last high school. It was EST paper when the teachers gave us the wrong paper. It should be paper 2 but they gave us paper 1- they might get confused with objective papers. I finally realised about that mistake . So I immediately looked n=behind the paper to know about the question and quickly raised my hand to tell the teachers about it. maybe they knew that I already opened the paper. So, they quaranteed me with my friends at the hall. Alhamdullillah... everything was over.
It was very sad when I had to say good bye to MCKK after 5 years being as a budak koleq. Koleq had brought me like who I am today. I shared my tears with my friends there, I went trough thick and thin of my my teenage time together with my friends and I grew to be a better person with my friends. I cried on the last day in MCKK. i would never forget my moment with my friends. so many things happened in MCKK that made me stronger to face the outside world. That was what made MCKK different from the rest of the schools in Malaysia. We were trained to be leaders; but not just normal leader, extarordinary leaders who brought about changes for the race and nation. We were brought in an environment that stressed more on the importance of being a Malay, in the middle of the emergence of racism when everybody talked about racial right and when Malays were being forgotten. I did not want to write about MCKK anymore. It made me sad to write about it.
Now.. Spm is over. I'm taking my license. I have so many plans but yet it has been one month and none of my plan goes smoothly and i expect all of them will go to nowhere. I'm being quite curious to know what will happen after this as life is no longer like yesteryear. There are a few things that you really want to do but then, they never happen the way you want them to be.. Oklah I'm so tired right now. I'm planning to do reseach on scholarships and do my testimonial for future. Bye

Thursday, December 4, 2008 finally free

well... im finally free.. spm is over... it had been 2 weeks and finally i got the chance to write this.. Mmm sorry because 2 days after i came back from koleq i visited my auntie in Pahang.. she passed away due to several kidney diseases... may Allah bless her.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh S#$T... im in the middle of my exam

oh shit... im in the middle of my exam... i feel damned exhausted. god knows what to be done... i still have 3 subjects before it's over.... but yet... im quite afraid with my add maths... shit ... i feel extremely useless learning maths for 11 years without even have the feeling to do my add maths,,,, shit...... 1 more week left and ill be free.. yabedabedu... . argh forget about it. just concentrate with my exam for the time being. oh! forget to tell you... my parents will come this weekend... ops i mean tomorrow.... and this would be my last outing as a budak koleq. well im no longer a budak koleq... i will leave this "heaven" soon.. lots of memories... bye for now.... hahahahahahahah

Saturday, August 16, 2008

my first bloG!!!

hahaha. finally. I can make my own blog. Nothing much to say. it's just that i'm so tired right now. i need to rest . my hey, come on this is school holiday. u can even wake up late!!. School ? oh shit!Spm is very near. Need to focus on my study bye