Saturday, July 25, 2009

Starting over a new chapter !!

I know when I first step in to KYUEM, I will embark on a new chapter in my life . Things are different right now. I’ve met lots of new friends, new teachers and I'm also in a new environment right now. I'm currently a part of Garnet family @ Garnetor (not Garnetron ok :-) ). Here in KYUEM, everyone has to be independent. There was one time when a senior told us, in KYUEM, the only entertainment that we have is one another and it seems that what he said is right (unless you have misunderstood it). KYUEM is located in Lembah Beringin, an isolated place where you can find no grocery shop at all. I’m doing my A-levels here, taking up 4 subjects of my choice.

My life here is KYUEM is good for now. We have a week of induction program with full of activities. We also organized Batch Anniversary for Batch 11 and it was a success for all of us, the batch 12. This is something unique about KYUEM where it’s not just a place to get good A-Levels results but also a place that teach you to be a human, not just an ordinary person, but a person who can bring 1001 changes to the whole world. They also have this so called red letter day ( and until now, i havent received letters from my pet bro and pet sis :-))

But of course, I still miss my friends in MCKK, Rashad, Fido, Fendy and Yuyu to name a few. Right now, we all have chosen different paths with different things to be done in our life. Fido is in Taylors right now, Yuyu in Teikyo Institute, fendy in Help University and Rashad is in UiTM doing CAT. But, there is always something that we will never forget, the bond that each and everyone of us share. The bond that cannot be told in a single word. We are taught, by nature, to provide shoulder when someone is crying. We are being taught to share the burden together. This is the thing that we will never forget till the rest of our lives.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pakat Mai Kedah!

Next week before I start my whole new chapter in KYUEM, my parents have decided to do a ' Majlis Kesyukuran dan Bacaan Yaasin'. For me, this is just a simple yardstick to show how thankful I am for everything happened for the past 7 months. Let's recapitulate what has happened.

1. I'm so thankful to God for giving me such long and amazing months of holidays. At least I have adequate time to spend with my family especially with Lily.
2. Thank God for giving me such like these achivements so far. It all startsed with getting straight A1s in all the 10 subjects I took for SPM, continued with Kijang Emas Bank Negara and finally SBP Full Colours Award. What else can I say except for bersyukur. terima kasih ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. I guess this is a test given by God to see wether that particular person can maximise the opportunity he has with humility and without being arrogant along the way
3. The biggest gift from God, of course my sister, Lily. When she was in the hospital, it was a 50-50 condition, and all the doctors lost hope during that moment. However, I guess God has a better plan for her and she recovers very fast after being put under ICU for 38 days.
4. Thank God too for giving such wonderful friends so far. What else can I say rather than being thankful for having Rashad, Fido, Fendy n Yuyu or even my old boys, Abg Raf, Abg Izzat and the rest of other old boys. Giving wonderful advices and helping me to stand up whenever i'm at the lowest point of my life
5. I've gained 14kgs so far. For some, this is just a burden but I'm so thankful for at least, I have enjoyed all of my mom's cook without being worried about my weight :-)

So, I would like to invite all of my friends, teachers, readers to my house for the event. I'm waiting you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is the biggest 'Majlis Kesyukuran' done by my family so far because it's like wedding ceremony. The invitation card above is for all of you. Muah. Love you so much!