Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Older

I am too old now. Old enough to tend forget things. Old enough to not be able to do many things at the same time. When we were young, we have always wanted to grow up, being able to decide everything on our own and of course to be as successful as possible, because as far as the mind is concerned, we have always been shadowed and bombarded with the successful lives of people in tv and movie, in which they go to the office (well in my case, insya allah its going to be the hospital) and come back with expensive cars living in exclusive penthouses.

Life doesnt seem easy that way, and we all struggle to find the so called turning point or something in which we feel having the sense of belonging, comfortable or a place to settle down and start living our lives to the fullest without any hesistance. Well, i guess i havent been excluded from that cluster. Ive been busy, not that i busy with my university life because life as a medical student isnt as glamour or overwhelming as it sounds or potrays in our mind, but demands more than just commitment and focus. But, i am too busy adapting and adjusting myself with so many things, not just medicine itself and finding some time to write something in the blog (and up until now, i havent written my chilhood stories) or catching up with friends, but more lije trying to move on from people because i dont want to be shadowed by the past, or being trapped in the jolly-ness of something that is only a daydream.

I celebrated my birthday for the first time in Aberdeen, and what else can i say except thank you. 2 birthday parties were more than enough, for at least people still remember me and acknowledge me as a part of this new family. Friends and coursemates (and Naim too) made efforts to organise something, and Naim called Kak Lola and asked her to organise something since he couldnt be in Aberdeen due to distance and workloads. Im so thankful with my life right now, especially being surrounded by nice people around me - in fact during my birthday, my coursemates from Kuwait, London and Bradford paid for my birthday dinner and movie ticket, and im so glad for that (who isnt glad for free food at one of exclusive restaurants in Aberdeen ;-p).

Apart from that, nothing much has ever happened. Im planning to go to Cambodia this summer since I have postponed my Africa Trip to easter next year. I am not so sure yet whether to go to Cambodia or not since i also got selected for Summer Research Programme, a paid research programme for 8 weeks starting August in which i have to help research people with lab reports. The payment is quite good. But, whatever it is, i have to put more efforts in studyibg if i dont want to fail first year medicine in Aberdeen - should highlight the word Aberdeen since the passing mark is high of nearly 85% and it is such a struggle to even reach 70%- since most medical schools have a passing mark of 40% only.

Bear in mind tht in medicine we dont have the class system (first class or second class). Thats my update for now and i wish to write a bit longer and time is my concern now and i feel a bit tired typing using the phone keyboard. This is my first time blogging from phone as i feel theres a need to write down something for that my blog will be an abandoned masterpiece. Till then people ;-)

Ive detected several grammatical errors in this post but im quite lazy to correct ti. Please forgive me and understand the meaning of the header (tiba jah)