Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post Raya @ Soon to 'fly' syndrome

the photo looks a bit awkward this time. the arrangement doesnt look good. and I guess there is a missing part in everyone, the usual smile that we used to have =)

Raya has been amazing for me. Nevertheless, I feel there is still a missing part in me, and I couldnt control it when I was at Lily's grave. It may sound crazy or awkward when somebody went to visit a grave at 12 in the morning - and that crazy person can only be me, visiting Lily's grave on raya's night. It may look 'pathetic' when people were having fun, huha here and there talking to each other during raya while I sat at the garden alone, counting how many flowers are there. However, I would say Ive been enjoying my Raya sooo much that Im going to miss everything here.

Got an open house and please dont be shocked because my open house was attended by nearly 1000 people. I live in Felda and my father is the manager of that Felda. Thus, its common when you see my open house is like wedding, with seekor lembu dikorbankan.

Im busy preparing myself for this Saturday, because Im flying off to Aberdeen this saturday (17 Sept) at 10 am. i shall come out with another post saying thank you to people, and at the same time, I need to write about something that I finally realise =)