Monday, July 18, 2011

perhaps i should be grateful for a while :-)

At the age of 20, I should be grateful and thankful for having an asset for my future investment.

Im so proud of my dad. My dad is working with FELDA and it’s common for someone like him to have lots of lands and become a major shareholder in FELDA. My dad realizes that the property he has been collecting so far will not last longer. Thus, he decided to give them to 3 of us, my sister, Amin and me. My dad realizes this, having lots of assets and properties may become an enemy for three of us, perhaps we will fight in the future for this. Thus, before he dies, he wants to give all of the properties to three of us.

My sister got a few lands and shares, so do I. Amin got the house and all the 4 cars he has (but only when he reaches 18, then the hakmilik will be his)

At the age of 20, I should be grateful ,for at least, I have a better future. In case of emergency, the property I have worth of 120 000 can be used. That’s my future investment.

Thank you Dad. I really appreciate it J

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Thoughts :-)

  1. It’s normal in a typical Malay family that the children will be raised in such a way that they have to be blamed even for the mistakes that they never do, they are told not to argue with the elders otherwise, they are considered as kurang sopan. It is common in this family that the children’s opinions will be less respected and will be considered as immature. When will we change? I don’t know
  2. last few days was the BERSIH demonstration. Im not a politic maniac. Im just a normal citizen but Im totally against the idea of having demonstrations with lots of people. The BERSIH proposal sounds good, it is just that the method of delivering it doesn’t convince me
  3. I went to BTN last 2 weeks. As usual, I was so skeptical with BTN. Brain wash. That’s the first thing came across my mind. But to tell you the truth, there’s nothing about supporting the current federal government in my camp in Nilai (not so sure about other camps). It was basically about the country, the history and so on and I really enjoyed it
  4. Im currently living my life to the fullest. Some says long holidays might turn out so boring, but I enjoy and cherish every moment I have before I cant do the same after this
  5. 7 months, things don’t change that much in my house. Haih~~~
  6. my trip to Hatyai has been cancelled because Dad says he cannot let us go-still thinking of Lily and how much she wanted to go there last year, but dad never had the chance to bring her
  7. Already watched Harry Potter and I wished I was Harry Potter- got everything (the talents and people who really love him)
  8. Was at Manila for a short trip with my sister
  9. Was at KL with my friends from KYUEM and MCKK
  10. was at Penang, enjoying myself with my cousins
  11. went to the Bakery and Pastry Class once, but I didn’t have any interest, so ive decided to learn cooking on my own.
  12. I always go out with my grandma, hoping to spend more time with her
  13. applied to St Andrews (again) but got rejected.
  14. Have done my one and only mission for this holiday, botak-ing myself and Im so proud of it (a new change J )