Friday, February 18, 2011

life so far

.angry.sad.confused. disappointed.


it's a blend of so many emotions and feelings but I swear I'm not that derhaka. Im still the old ZULIKHWAN

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rindu :-(

Hehehe.. the feeling has come back again, Lily. It's getting stronger during Abang's birthday. Abang woke up just to realise that this year is different because Abang will no longer receive the first gift, you hug that you always give during Abang's birthday. hehehe. Abang missed you staring at abang, waiting for abang to wake up on Abang's special day and hug.

Lily, Abang swears that Abang has moved on. It's just that the feeling of missing you comes once in a while :-)

Lily, abang has put the flowers on your grave for the second time. Abang promises abang will try to put them everytime Abang goes back home

Rindu :-(. Abang also thinks that Abang has become crazy. hehehe. Abang is afraid that it may jeopardise Abang's study.....