Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our First Biggest Fear

Do you still remember our first biggest fear? Well, for me my first one would be berkhatan. I know it sounded quite hideous for us, but that is our first biggest fear (for boys only) in life.

My brother did face the same fear, khatan. At first, everything was fine. He looked very brave and sounded very confident. So, we expected nothing would happen. However, everything went upside down when the day arrived. My father together with my uncle brought him to the clinic. But, when they arrived there, my brother started to make complaints. He first said that the doctor wasn't professional enough from the way he dressed up. (i think because he was so afraid of it). The he started to complain about lots of things. My mom wasn't there so he said that he needed my mom to be there. They went back home without being khatan. My mom went to the clinic for the second time together with me. Then, he also made lots of complaints and said that khatan is so painful. I told him:

Dik min nak kasi doktor khatan ka atau nak balik rumah biar abang potong sendiri guna gunting?

Maybe he was very afraid of me, he decided to choose the doctor (hahaha).

I still remembered khatan during my time. It was quite easy. My father brought me to the clinic and everything went smoothly. But, the only thing i remembered was that i fainted after that due to the loss of blood. Hahaha. At least, i didn’t make as much chaos as my brother made!


I think it is still not too late to wish this:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hikayat kambing masuk air

Who say a goat is afraid of water? Well, you will change your mind after reading my story. It’s not a love story or a ghost story; it is a GOAT’S story.

* Please read it by heart and understand the message behind it. Ignore the flowery phrases I use :-)

I was at my auntie’s house in Pangkor. She is a woman of boundless energy and single-minded drive. She is also a lady of average height and in her early forties. She had wrinkled skin, an aquiline nose and arched eyebrows. With jet-black and shoulder length hair, she looked exactly like Dita Von Teese (this is too much) at first glance.

It was a fine Friday morning as usual. The sun rose majestically in the sky heralding the dawn of a glorious new day and the cheerful chirpings of a multitude of birds could be heard. The earth was alive with insects singing and rustling about in search of food. There was also the blare of music from the radio and the soothing sounds of leaves.

I was sitting on a unique dining table reflecting great English style together with my family and my auntie while enjoying her nasi lemak. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the fragrant smell of nasi lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk served with anchovies, chilli paste, boiled egg, fried peanuts, slices of cucumber and lettuce made my mouth water. I enjoyed that exotic culinary delight.

After that, I went outside the house to read newspapers. It was the ultimate Tudor-style country house with latticed windows and wooden beams. The house had an aesthetic style and emphasised high standards of craftsmanship. The wide cemented porches that lay flat on the surface and a beautifully lush landscaped garden with delicate pale-gold and purple flowers were a sight for sore eyes.

Suddenly, I saw a goat inside a pool near my auntie’s house. I was so dumbfounded to see that. I just did not know where the goat came from. I was so attracted to see how the goat tried to save his life. The goat made a noisy sound, asking for help. After a few minutes of struggling in the pool, a few other goats came near the nearly drowning goat, trying to help him. But, they couldn’t do anything. The goat was still ‘screaming’. With the intelligence that God gave to him, he tried to find ways of escaping from death at that moment. Finally, luck was on his side. The goat saved his life with no one’s help. He used the intelligence that God gave to it to find a big stone in the pool. He climbed the stone, pushed his body and voila! He made it.

It was quite fun to see how the goat could save his life. But until now, I still could not figure out how the hell on Earth, a goat can enter a house with fence around it? There was no goat farm near the house. Oh, maybe God wanted to show something.

I just could not sleep that night. I still could not understand it. Maybe God wants to show us something. That is us in real world. If we want to be successful in life, we cannot rely on other people. Instead, we need to make a drastic move. We need to do it on our own. We need to change ourselves. That is the reality of life. We cannot depend on others to be successful in life. That is why God wants us to think. If an animal that God does not give any ability to think can survive, why not us? Remember, we are not animals. We have brains. So, use them

Reflect and think about it

Allah says: "Allah will not change the fate of a people until they change their own fate." (Ar-Ra'du:11)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

eid ul adha

I just came back from my grandpa’s house in Pahang to celebrate raya there. This year only, I went back there for 3 times :-) . Nothing interesting happened. It was just normal raya ( but still fun) with korban. Oh yeah! My grandpa had korban. I was so touched to hear takbir. Oh, I wished I was in front of Kaabah during that moment.

So, enjoy the photos !!!

my auntie who is currently a teacher (2nd raya at Pantai hiburan)

the family of 7 R ( roshidah @ my mom, rodziah, roslan, rosna, rosli, rofiza, ruslizayanti)

My mom, dad n lily


in front of my grandpa's house @ tesco because of the size of the house :-)