Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fighting for Dominican and Costa Rica

Every day, things just get better for me. Im still trying to adapt with the workloads i have to do, but it’s normal for a medical student. I went to Saint Andrews and Dundee to visiti my friend there, Lee Chin Wei. We were very close back then in KY because he was my senior, staying in a chalet next to mine. The trip was good, and we catched up with each other a lot. It has been nearly 2 years we didnt meet up with each other, but the beauty of friendship is that we always make some time and space to just say hi to each other. Lee is a Chinese, while Im a Malay, and of course the common stigma people will have is that there will always be some difficulties to just talk with each other. But, i noticed that, I never find racial issue as a barrier to make friends, in fact most of my closest friends come from different races. We always put racial barrier aside, and sometimes, we just make jokes out of it (Vicky!)

Lee has grown up, and of course everyone is growing up too. He’s doing very well in St Andrews, getting into top 10 every exam he has. I still remembered the ‘previous Lee’ before this, someone who always stayed in the room until late at night. But along the way, we find that that’s not the whole point of living a life. He has changed, from a bookworm, to someone who has a pretty good and balanced social life there. At the end, it doesnt matter from which university you come from. What matters the most is the values and lessons you learn in living a life.

Im currently working on a voluntary project in countries, and I hope that I will be able to raise enough funds to do my community service with Alice and a few other locals here. What we have in mind are Dominican Republic, South Africa, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. It’s going to be a 2 week project, which costs around 50 000 pounds (or 1000 each person), and we hope we can raise enough money before summer. I find that this will be a great chance to learn more about people, and share the beauty of life with others. But Im still fighting to do it in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, since both countries are very poor, and i want all my teammates to feel, what it is like when you dont always get what you one. I notice that some of them have not been thankful enough with what they have

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank You and everything that comes along =)

the song is dedicated to my friends, especially Naim and Safrizal (and you will know why)

I have been too preoccupied with all the medical-related things that I have to do and I finally forget to update my blog which has been a part of myself. It’s true that God has given us 24 hours, and we should be able to ‘squeeze’ in between those, spending some time to do something that we always do. That’s the wonder of life. We have to make some time and space for others, so that we will never forget everything that comes along, trying to appreciate every second God has granted to us.

I have promised to write down my thankful note, but I finally realise that the list is too long to be written, and most importantly I’m afraid that I might forget certain people. Let me keep the list to myself, and I find it better to be this way =)

I’m currently in Aberdeen, studying medicine here. Aberdeen Medical School is a very great school, and I have to say that. It has always been in Top 5 for 7 years (except for this year) and it’s an honour for me to study here. The Foresterhill Health Campus (the name of Aberdeen Medical School) here is the biggest health campus in Europe and it is being separated from the main campus (King’s Campus). Aberdeen has a very small quota for international students (around 13 every year) and that is why it’s not very glamour in Malaysia. Im the only Malaysian in my batch and most of the other international students here have been here for almost 4-7 years – making them more ‘English’ compared to me- which i sometimes find it so hard to mingle with them, not because of the language barrier, but it is more like the cultural barrier I have to overcome. However, i have no choice rather than trying to be a part of them. The approach used to teach here is traditional, lectures plus some group discussions and so on. The Malaysian Community here is very small, roughly around 50 people only.

I admit that I feel a little bit lonely here, and I really miss my moments in MCKK and KYUEM, all my friends and so on. It’s not because that i dont really have friends here, but what matters is that I dont have friends whom I can have the rossy moments on the bed (ok. This one sounds a bit fishy..hahaha). I miss the time when I sat on the bed with Naim and Safrizal, talking many things and chatting about almost everything. I missed the moment that I had a pillow talk with Naim. Only when distance keeps all of us apart, that I begin to miss and appreciate all my friends especially those two people.

Naim will come down (or rather up =P ) to Aberdeen during winter and I hope that we will spend more time together. I hope all of you dont get this wrong. I have been sharing every single thing with Naim, and he has been beside me through thick and thin of my life. At one point, I begin to feel him as my person. Along the way, we have many arguments and some time, i dont really understand with what he did. There is always a period of time when he ignores me, not replying to my sms and so on. But i guess, with everything we went through together, I have learnt to forgive people even when it is a hurt to myself. And I guess I have to give some space to Naim, as that is what friends are for. We always know the time when we have to let each other go, and when we have to understand each other. What both of us should keep in mind is that we have each other to rely on =). Naim is in London now, and I really understand how badly he wanted me to be there, having fun with him because that is what we have been promising to each other. But, our journey took a different path, and I hope Naim understands that. What i want him to know that if I could turn the clock back, I would change that ‘thing’. What both of us need to do is that we have to move fun, trying to start something new. Even so, we know we have each other =)

Safrizal on the other hand, is a different story that I should keep to myself. We have many arguments down the line, but in the end we still know we have each other to listen and be there. I have been treating him in a different way, he is more like a brother rather than a friend (while Naim is my person). Our journey took a different path, more fights than anything, more bitter than sweet. After life in KYUEM ends, I begin to realise that our relationship has been greatly improved, and Im glad to know that. After all, he has also been there during the lowest point of my life and I appreciate that. I shall be waiting for you to join us next year, also trying to start something new, forgetting whatever has happened in the past. After all, you have a special place in my heart, and I hope you know that, just like how Naim has been ‘glued’ to my heart =). AND THAT IS WHY I CANT SAY NO TO BOTH OF YOU WHEN YOU NEED ME =)

One of our camwhoring moments . Smile and continue to be happy like this if both of you happen to read this blog =D
During the 'juicy' pangkor trip

And i do hope that 3 of us can stay together, even sometimes I think that Naim and Safrizal have some untold and funny conflicts among each other (hahaha), which I can hardly understand.

But I hope both of them can forgive each other the way i have been forgiving each and every one of them even when I find it so hard to do =)

Thank you to Tikah (more like my virtual friend haha), Azri, Vicky, Shikin, Permata, Fendy and so on. Most importantly I have to thank Bank Negara and my family for always understanding me and giving me another chance. I shall keep my promise to you

Dear readers,

I finally realise that I have been living in self-pity for quite some time, hoping that people will understand me and be symphatised with me, while me on the other hand, never do the same to others. I have learnt a great lesson, that my self-pity-ness will bring me to no where. I promise that I will try my best to be myself back.

p/s: this post lacks emotional touch a bit (not like the previous post) since Im quite busy for my coming exams. I will try to update and improve my writing after this. What has happened to me for the past 9 months has been a great teacher, and i hope my readers will learn something. Till we meet again =)