Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bangsawan Story

Garnet managed to get 2 awards for best costume and best supporting actor. I played a role as the Sultan of that play. The story was brilliant with a twist at the end. Although I has been involved in theater since I was Form 1 with Dongeng Chengeng, it was different for this time around. I was the sultan, the cruel ruler of Inderapura who killed his own bendahara. I'm not going to tell you about the theater, but the inside story of Bangsawan.

I think bangsawan has lost its gist; the initial purpose of having it in the first place. An event that will bring bring everyone together; has turned to be a very stressful one, with eveyone wanted to win. I know winning was not wrong, but when your dream was so powerful, you would hurt people along the way. That didn't include those who did not satisfy with the result. they even wrote down lots of critics against the management team. So not professional. i told Puan Halijah

Puan Halijah, next time we want to have Bangsawan, you should invite other judges. If not, its better not to have Bangsawan.

A lot of efforts have been invested especially by the seniors which sometimes I think too much. their time to study was put aside. i hope they will do better. That is it for now. Overall, i love to be in Garnet because even though we lost, we were the winner in the eyes of the audience.

In life there are 2 types of winning. One is for the moment and another one is for forever.


With Pembesar and Dayang

the Sultan will be killed!

the red house of Garnet

the cruel sultan

Friday, February 5, 2010

Turning 19

I already turned 19 on 2nd February. It was indeed a great moment for me to celebrate my birthday in KYUEM. What a blast!
The day started when I received 2 phone calls from my beloved mom and sister. Thank you so much! I also received a few early smsses from my friends around 12 am.
Tan : happy birthday for tomorrow. beware of your door tonight . :-) (9.15 pm)
Edzra : Happy birthday. Moga hepi slalu...miss u
Firdaus kasman : Epi brtday abg zuli (:
Kuru : Hepy besday. sm0ge hepy selalu...fwenshp 4eva
Azman ; Eppi bday
Alifah : May all your wishes cme true, zulikhwan :-)
Eju : Hepi bday zuliks! May Allah bless u & may all ur wishes come true :-)
(all smses above were sent around 12.00 am).. I also received a message from Alifah's mom
Lots and lots more flooded into my inbox. thank you very much, my friends! Not forgetting , my MCKK friends!
I woke up happily. I received a few more wishes from my friends during classes. During my Mathematics class too, Alifah told Mr. Mahatzir about my birthday. So, all my classmates sang a song! Oh, I was so speechless! I could not say any single word. What a nice moment!
Then, around 1.00 pm, i walked to the dining hall for lu nch. Blonde started to tell everyone about my birthday. everyone sang the song in the dining hall. ouh :-)
I was quite surprised to see Gadget and Imran started to paste a few posters. My birthday posters! Haha... I still could not believe that they spent nearly RM 10 just to print the posters
The day went on smoothly until i received a 'warning' message from Jannah
Zuli! ak nk jmpe ko kt kafe pukul 6.30 ptg! wajib dtg!
i was quite worried if i did any mistake to her. i went to the cafe together with judo
Zuli! Aku cakap 6.30 Apasal ngko datang lambat
As I entered the cafe......
happy birthday to you, Zuli!!
A surprise party! OMG, THIS IS TOO MUCH !!!!
Jannah made an effort to organise a surprise party for me together with Alifah, Qili, Azman, Harinn and Amin. We ate and enjoyed the night. I really, really had a whale of a time!
After Bangsawan training, I went back to my chalet around 11.30 pm. Feeling tired, I locked the door of my chalet and switched off the light. i did not want to be bashed! i managed to hide using the same trick a day before. But that night, I could not escape. Judo came to see me . After having a long chat with him, he asked me to follow him just for a while. As I opened my chalet's door, Judo pushed me away and Din, Amin Asmuin, Chaq, Shuk bashed me with water! Argh!
i ran away around the corridor, from kampong topaz all the way to kampong diamond. I could not escape anymore. They chased after me. i could not do anything! Hahaha.
After bashing me, they had another surprise party for me. Ouh! I felt so touched. We ate together
2 days later, I went to bangsawan training. i waited almost 2 hours but, there was no training. I told Dila that I wanted to go back but she insisted me to stay there because the training would start very soon. Luqman came to see me and told me that Azriff wanted to interview me for his assignment. So, i went to the room and Azriff started the interview together with Jocelyn and K-Na. Suddenly, there was a blackout. i was in panic.
Happy birthday to you , Zully!
OMG! I just did not expect it! My pet family arranged another surprise party for me. Ouwh! i just cried as i did not expect that they would celebrate my birthday like this.
Dear friends,
Thank you for giving a wonderful surprise to me! I really had a great time during my birthday. Thank you too for all the gifts you gave to me. but, the most wonderful gift comes from a sincere heart. Thank you.

Mira, and Amy during bangsawan training

Amy said : Zuli! please la photogenic sikit wehh ;D hahaar


Gifts from friends


Wish from P-21

So sweet

Ye lah tu

Birthday bash!

mira said : zuli lg sopan dr aku.down:(

Poster by gadget and imran

Jannah did this! Ouwh

harinn, jannah, amin, azman, alifah, qili and jannah