Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blessing Ramadhan and Syawal

I wrote this post while I was on my way back from my grandpa’s house in Pahang.

Ramadhan and Syawal taught me many things which made me think more. I never feel as calm and happy as during these two months. My life in the college is back to normal. From my previous post, the headmaster has finally made a public apology during the students’ assembly. I wasn’t around during that time because I had a medical forum and I was presenting about Euthanasia. Many of my friends (I guess half of my batch mates) wanted to boycott the assembly but I said no as it was rather immature to do that. At the same time too, many people still put the blame on me because they still do not understand the real reason of what I did. For them, it was rather a stupid thing to do. I didn’t blame them for this as it took more than just matured thinking to understand the complexity of this situation. Let time change everything.

During Ramadhan too, I was appointed to be the new House Captain as the previous one has resigned due to a few problems not to be mentioned here. I dare to say that Apek, Durrah, Sara and I really had a great time working together even though we did agrue on a few things. With 3 people left, I still hope the same thing will be continued. At first I didn’t want to take it as I would rather focus on my studies. People said that this would be a good training ground for my leadership but I told them what I have gained so far was more than enough to prepare me for the future. I learnt a lot of things in MCKK, more than anyone else. It was there I stood alone during the lowest point of my life, and at the same time too, MCKK taught me not to enjoy too much whenever I am at the top as it is only temporary. But finally, I decided to be the Captain, not so much about wanting to be popular like anyone else or to make sure my name will be in the KYUEM Alumni book, but it was rather because of my ‘pity-ness’ looking at a few people in Garnet who are working very hard for things that they themselves don’t know what they are doing this. I do enjoy being in this house as everyone is happy working together. And I guess, being the Captain will eventually help me to understand and accept different types of people living in KYUEM :-). So, my vision for the house is not only to win the House Cup, but also to make sure everyone enjoys and learns more than just leadership. Hopefully they will learn to do what is right and not what is glamour. I’ve promised to myself that I will try my best to do what has been put on me very well.

So far, life in KYUEM is awesome despite so many things happening around me as here in KYUEM, I learnt to accept and respect people even if they hate you.

(enough with the seriousness)

Okay! I’m currently preparing for my UKCAT. I’m done with my personal statement and Sara is doing the final editing on it (hehehe. Thanks Sara). Ive decided to apply for all the Top 10 medical schools as given by my sponsor. Right now, I’m trying to read as much as possible about medical mysteries, politics and some social issues. Im currently trying my best to understand the Russian Revolution (walaupun sampai sekarang x faham sepatah haram pown :-p) from the book entitled ‘A people’s tragedy’ given by my cousin who is in London now.

This Raya too, I went back to my grandpa’s house. However, the house seemed a little bit gloomy without my beloved uncle there. He passed away a few months ago due to Leukemia. Mom seemed to be quite sad when we visited his grave as he was my mom’s closest brother. I went to Kuantan with my auntie and cousin. At first, we just wanted to visit my auntie there. But, the plan changed. Father and the rest went back to my grandpa’s house but me, sister and a few other relatives decided to spend time in Kuantan. I went to East Coast Mall (where my sister had a nightmare), watching late movie (Resident Evil – a must watch movie) and finally went to Teluk Chempedak. I had great time in teluk Chempedak, trying to get the lowest price for the lamps my auntie was trying to buy. The funny part was when we didn’t bring any single shirt there in Kuantan. We finally managed to get a few clothes at Padini and Brands Outlet. Thanks to my sis for the pizza. This is the good thing about my sister. Tak pernah lekok when it comes to treating me :-). Sayang kak!. Slept at my auntie’s house around 1 am

I did enjoy my Raya. I got the chance to meet everyone. I only cried when I drove my grandma to visit my relative in the hospital who’s suffering from cancer in pancreas.

That’s all from me. Love you.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Semoga Kedua-dua bulan membawa berkat kepada semua.