Thursday, April 30, 2009

Debate and 2 birthday ParTieS!!!!!

It had been a week full of many surprising things... First, on 24th April , it was a day of my sister's n grandma's birthday.. So, we celebrated at the sister is 13 right now and i wish if i could change the world, the first thing is to turn the clock back because my time to be with her will get shorter right now.. She will leave me soon.... this is also the 71st birthday of my granma.. She's quite old right now but still strong and the only thing she wants to see is to see me as a successful person and she also wishes to be with me until i become a cardiologist.. Another party would be nash's birthday party and we celebrated it in uia...

Next day, I went to UIA together with fendy... We made a move from Butterworth to UIA around 1... We stayed at Abg Raf's Kyoto Garden... Thanks Abg Raf for everything.. Just cannot forget your Jemput-jemput.. hahah.. After this we cannot'pow' abg raf ...

About UIA? MMmmm... they lost... English 1st team lost at octo-final against SMK Green Road... 2nd team did not make it to the knock-out round... For BM,.... 1st team lost at double octo and 2nd team won 3 debates at the 1st round

I think although the BI team didnt make it to the final, they made a great achievement in the eyes of old boys.. That was the first time I saw fauzan and Adam cried and it touched my heart ( of course lah shahir nangis gak)..

Personally i think, they had achieved more than what I expected from them... Let the pictures tell you how great they are in my eyes... I will upload the photos later after I come back from Langkawi..

Fauzan : you have become more matured and it's very surprising to see you, a small boy, become a macho boy..

Shahir : You are more confident right now and I believe you can overcome anything along your way to success in your own 'gedik' way

Adam : I'm very proud of you.. You become a more humble guy and i just cannot imagine how good you are..

Second tea( Butat, Huzaimi, Mia, Syazwan + Safuan) : you made a very great job and maybe you were not lucky but trust me, you guys have improved a lot.

I hope to see you guys again during PPM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the Kijang's Story

Well, i don't really wish to write this long. I just want you to see some of the pictures. Maybe many will ask, why it's Kijang's story? It's simply because everything is all about Kijang in Bank Negara. We stayed at their clubhouse, Lanai KIJANG, i got KIJANG emas award, we walked around Sasana KIJANG and the event was at Bilik KIJANG. So, everything is about Kijang. HAHAHAHA

The quiet Ho, the caring Alifah, the smart-looking Munes and the huha2 boy, Zulikhwan ;-p

With Kak Alia, my 'sister' at Bank Negara...

Lanai Kijang, a great place to be... Give it 6 stars.hahahaa

receiving the award from the Governor

All the scholars including Madihah, the wonderful girl... Where's Ho?

So, that is it. It's time to study right now. But, there is still a dilemma, where to do my A-Level?. Mmm.. No more time to enjoy but still stay focus.

Monday, April 13, 2009

it's time to change the WORLD!!!

I was watching Akademi Fantasia (ulangan) when I received a call from Bank Negara..

Assalamualaikum... boleh cakap dengan adik Zulikhwan

Ye saya..... Kenapa?

Saya Cik A****a dari Bank Negara.. Tahniah! Adik telah mendapat biasiswa kijang emas Bank Negara..

What? I was totally shocked at that time. Speechless!! What else can I say.. Alhamdullilah....

So, Im going to KL with my parents tomorrow.Bank Negara has booked a flight for us from Alor Setar all the way to KLIA.... It's a trip sponsored by Bank Negara.. So, that's it. I'm going to be a doctor and my aim is to go to Cambridge"""Oh lalalala....


Future Dr. Zulikhwan.. Hahahaha... Im bold at the age of 27???Just kidding...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HectiC wEEk!!!!

I think it's not too late for me to come out with this. I mean the week has been very busy for me. It started with the career exposure program, then continued with JPA interview. After i checked my name, I went to INTAN Wilayah Utara for the interview. It was fine for me. I was in the group together with 2 chinese guys and one budak kacukan. Two of us want to be doctors, one for dentistry and another boy for pharmacy. The interview was ok although I was the last person to arrive there. It was a 45-minute group discussion and we got a few topics to be discussed. What could I say is that JPA interview is juat a normal interview. For future candidates, I hope you would be able to know your course very well. I think the one who will get the scholarship is not accessed based on interview, but mostly on your results and co-curriculum. It's simply because you cannot judge 17000+++ candidates from different states using one interview only. It's totally unfair. And how come you want to diffentiate one candidate from one state to another if the interview place is defferent. Mmmm... very weird...So i just hope to get a scholarship for medicine. the result will be annouced in 1 month time.... hahahaha.. Please pray for me..

After I went back home, I slept until 7.00 pm because I was too tired. Suddenly, I received a call from Bank Negara. My mom answered the call. " Zulikhwan tengah tidur"."Minta maaf, saya dari bank negara dan saya perlu bercakap dengan Zulikhwan Ayub". hahahaa... First impression was too bad. She told me I got and interview for Kijang Emas Bank Negara. This is a special scholarship awarded to top students in SPM whereby I can choose the course and the country I want to go. So, i decided to do medicine in the UK. I went to KL with my sister. the interview was not like a normal one because it was one-to-one interview only and the interview was ok for me and I really hope i would be able to get scholarship for medicine because being a doctor is always my dream since i was young. For me all of the interviews were ok and I went to 4 interviews, JPA, MNRB, Bank Negara and Exxon Mobilo. I think what you need to prepare is to be yourself. Just relax and shoot.

After this scholarship-mania, I went back to koleq for the training. For me the boys were good and they have improved. Shahir becomes more gedik, Adam is getting sharper and Fauzan is getting more cute!!! hahaha no lah. He's becoming much better in terms of clarifying caseline. But one thing, Shahir's size has been increasing. Shahir, you should lose more lemak and Adam , you should use facial wash lah..

I was there with Yuhaikal, before Rashad came to join us around 5 pm and Abg Rough and Nabbitch the next day. I was walking with Yuhaikal and suddenly, Cg. Ridwan called me.

Awak apa khabar... Saya sihat cikgu......Saya perlukan pertolongan awak. saya nak calonkan awak untuk full colour sbp. tolong isikan borang ini.....Baik cikgu..

Hahaha.. I was totally shocked. It is never in my mind to be given this opportunity. It's a big honour for me. So again, i really hope to get it because for me once you get the chance, don't let it go. Many people want it so you cannot screw it. So, i started to fill in the form. Then, i walked with Yuhaikal around the school and I looked at the board. There was my name there. Oh my God!!! my ranking in SBP was 158 over 8+++... I was so glad to hear that. SO, bersyukur ke hadrat Allah sekali lagi.

For me, the week was very busy for me and I wish to update each and every single thing. most of my friends go to scholarship interviews, struggling with the IQ test and things like that but for me, because i really want to do medicine, so I just fill in the forms for scholarships that offer medicine only. I have to be focus. I don't want to be like my other friends, they don't know what to do in their life, so they started to fill in everything.. from medicine to accounting to engineering. haiya>>>>>> good Luck lah ye!!!!

I think that all for now. I'm watching Anugerah Bintang Popular right now. Bye.