Monday, January 23, 2012

Tiredness kills

I have never beeen this tired and lazy before. I need to keep up with the workloads. Haha and i shall write a good post after this. And Im serious this time

The Hypocratic Oath only mentions not to do harm on people. Like my lovely lecturer once said - our job is not to do harm to people, not to heal them. That is why it is hard because you learn not to kill people. Insya allah I can do this. And insyaallah everything will be fine. Just fine for me to be a great person. Chewahh..

Till then readers!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

... when the words cannot describe the feeling

the blog has been abandoned for quite some time due to my own ignorance of not trying to spare time to write something. Nevertheless, the blame shouldnt fall on my side only since I do not get any proper access to internet as my laptop is broken. It's new year and 2011 has been a great year to me. As typical as it sounds to wish happy new year to everyone, 2011 has been a year in which Ive learnt so many things - which a post wont be enough to describe it. Im currently busy with my exams which will be on January 10th onwards, and as usual i have always been praying that I shall be doing my best for the coming assessments.

And Im glad to say that I have done my best to spare some ample time and space to my friends in London - the golden rule in which Ive learnt since early age. But I guess, everyone has grown up and has so many things that demand their commitment in which they find that spending a few minutes for a cup of coffee with friends is not worth - that everyone of us has been so preoccupied to do many things. It's selfish for me to say that - but sometimes you just cannot run away from the fact that if you can make time time for others, why cant they do the same thing - in which I believe that God has given us enogh time to sit and reflect.

how do i feel after 1 year since Lily passed away? Nothing because nothing has changed so much that requires much of my attention. and i guess nothing can describe the feeling I have now =)

I shall come out with a proper post after this.This post is just to make sure that my readers know the blog is still alive. I will start my personal stories after this- which i hope we all can learn something from it =)