Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sometimes in life, we need constant reminder, the purpose of what we are doing.

Today, there was marathon during the Health Awareness Week in my college. It was a fine morning as usual when everyone woke up to participate in the marathon. I wasn’t around as I had to go back home because I had to see my grandma and my sister for a while. Both of them were admitted to ICU last week. But, they are getting better right now.

I guess it was 11 am when I saw a few facebook status about my friend, Syazwan. I always teased him around because he’s quite nice. I never expected to receive news about him just now. When I saw the facebook status, I directly called Alifah to ask about him.

During the marathon (and from what I heard, 300 meters before the finishing line), Syazwan collapsed. People thought it was a normal collapse due to tiredness. But, when he was sent to the hospital, the doctor put him under ICU because he suffered from epilepsy or stroke (wasn’t so sure which one). He’s very critical right now. He’s in ICU and my friends told me that his chance was 60-40. All the organs have stopped functioning and he’s currently depending on the life support machine.

I didn’t know that the person who had a friendly conversation with me on Friday before that, will be in ICU today. I was shocked to hear that news as for me; he’s such a nice guy.

But that’s life. Sometimes, we tend to forget that anything can happen to us. If today we are healthy and can even say something bad about people, tomorrow or 1 hour after this, we may not see our loved ones (this is my fear now). Only when something like this happened, we will realise about it. When receiving the news, I feel like I have been slapped on my cheek. The news was sudden for me. It becomes a reminder for me, the purpose of everything I do in life. And I believe everything I do right now is for a just and fair cause that I really want to benefit people because I believe in the rewards given by HIM.

While doing some shopping in Giant yesterday, I saw a bunch of stray cats around. They did follow me because I guessed they were quite hungry. I bought a kilogram of fish and gave it to the cats. While giving food to the cats, I saw a dead cat from one corner. There was one cat trying to help him, without knowing that his friend has died. That’s life for me and that is how I see life. We always need someone to help us and we know whenever we make friends, they are not just there to have fun. But they are our strength and we know they will always stand beside us even though we can no longer feel the air. That is why, I really value friendship.

Two events happened to me during weekend. And these two things become my reminder not to forget HIM. Anything can happen and maybe this might be my last post (who knows). And I hope whatever I do right now (and I’m currently busy with Project HEART: Berbakti Dari Hati), will always be for my society, for a just and fair cause and not for popularity, for the rewards given by HIM. Insya-allah.

I hope Syazwan will be fine. Insya allah