Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Miss sherry and Mus'ab

Mus'ab's birthday

Bm and Bi teams

Fido and Jae

Fido and Jae came to visit me all the way from Taylors a few weeks ago. I was performing my Friday payer when i received a message from Fido..

We are at Saad’s Mosque (KYUEM’s mosque)

OMG. I was so touched . Fido drove and spent his weekend together with Jae just to visit me. Amin and Sara were there too. Thank you

** Fido is one of the best friends I have back then in MCKK. I told him almost every single thing that has happened in my life until now. He's currently in Taylors, doing A-levels. Although we are quite far away from each other, we never fail to keep in touch. I'm so glad to have him in the first place


I also came back from PPM northern zone to watch koleq debating. From the last time I saw them debating, I could see lots of improvements. They have been working so hard. Mia has improved a lot! Both teams; BM and Bi made it to the finals. Including the cagers. BM won over STAR but BI lost to STAR. Whatever it is, there are still a few challenges ahead! Hope they will do much better in PPM National.

** I was at SMS Muhammad Jiwa with my sister, Mieza. While watching them in the bus after the final, I cried, remembering my old days debating with Fido, Rashad, Nub and Ed. Debating in MCKK was more than just debating. It was different. We were not just teammates. They were my shoulders to cry on. I miss my time sitting together with Fido, Ed and Nub on my bed every time after debate meeting. We were like a family. Oh, i wish I could turn the clock back!