Friday, April 30, 2010

This is just not me

Last month was very terrible to me.

Things didn’t go as planned. Done with trial. Result wasn’t satisfactory. A big exam is approaching in 1 week. Haven’t prepared anything. Lost my motivation for a while. This is just not my style.

Regret wasting time doing unnecessary things. Should do more things that benefit me. Just don’t know what to do now. Just pray to God. Hope everything will be fine

Many things happened. Better not to talk about them, Most of them were bad

This is just not me. I feel lost. I feel empty. I want everything to be back to normal.

I spend most of my time now remembering my friends in MCKK. Fendy, Rashad, Fido, Yuhaikal, Tapah… cannot get rid of this feeling. should spent more time with them last few days in MCKK..I wish you were here..I wish I could turn the clock back..

I dont want to be a mediocre.. i want to be the best.. But, I feel I am a mediocre right now

All I did last month was not more than just thinking of what will happen.

I feel so isolated.

This is just not me.

A miserable mind with my soul floating in the sky