Tuesday, November 29, 2011

owh how i admire her =)

im not a type of person who can easily get impressed with other people. But, Im so impressed with her. Sometimes, whenever we feel that we have gone through enough, there are still people who face worse than that.


there will be a point when you realise that you have been there, and you have done that. You might want to find other things interesting, and that is when you decide to grow up =).

Thursday, November 17, 2011


When you walk around Aberdeen, there will be people giving weird and disgusting looks to you. It is just another day as an international student in Aberdeen. But the only way to kill them is by giving the most sincere smile. When i did my history taking on a patient, she did not want me to do that just because Im not a Caucasian. How did I react to the situation? The old Zulikhwan will always be radical and will somehow say, ‘next time you need my help, dont ask for it.’ But i guess people all grow up, and I am one of them. I replied to her, ‘ok, i will get my collegue to do that for you. In case you need anything, just give me a shout.

When i have to survive on my own, i learnt so many things – and many people just sometimes to believe that i did everything on my own, managing my flat, financial status, tax, bills, studying and so on. Im sometimes surprised with myself, and of course it has helped me to be more confident now, and I wish I can learn as much as I can from Aberdeen

** I will somehow start with my childhood stories after this. This is not another episode of self pity from me. I just want people out there to be inspired by them, and achieve whatever they want to achieve. And i hope you will always be happy =)