Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is what will happen if.....

This is what will happen if you stay at home for a very long time.. A very boring week.. Don't have anything to say and I'm quite lazy to post anything actually... Mmm.. But, I've promised to upload a few photos and here are some of the photos

with Shaheer and Fauuuuzan

Ed and the b*****s

The coaches... ( not in pic : Aslam, Fido, Abg Izat n Abg Rough)

Fendy and Rashad

With the first three

Fauzan, Adam and Shaheer

My sister's birthday party (party ka??)

3 budak gemok yang masih ada di rumah

Waiting for the flight..

With Kakak, Tok n Amin during the holiday