Thursday, September 24, 2009


Theme : Glowing Purple
Location : Home Sweet Home ( Kedah)

Title : Video Malam Raya
Location : Bazaar Raya di Kedah

Raya disambut sekali setiap tahun. Raya sepatutnya menjadi bulan kemaafan. Jadi, bolehkah Raya menjadi sesuatu yang bosan sepertimana segelintir dari kita fikirkan? Adakah bosan untuk memohon maaf sesama muslim ? Sambutlah raya dengan hati yang ikhlas dan bersih.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Monday, September 14, 2009

Days before Raya

Alethea's birthday
Buka puasa with Azman, Harin and Alifah
Movie night
Buka puasa with Eju, Anati and Amin

It’s the month full of blessings. I’ve made a promise to myself to make full use of this month; gaining blessings and seeking goodness from Him. Sometimes, I need time to reflect myself; what I have done so far in this world. Sometimes too, I’m not so sure whether what I do is right or wrong. Is this what we call as soul searching? Mmm. I just don’t know. I just try to understand it; hoping that one day I can find the answer. In less than one week we are going to celebrate Raya and I’m also looking forward for Lailatul Qadar. I always pray that Ramadhan will be the turning point in my life. True enough, Raya has always been the day that we are waiting for especially for young people. But come to think of it again, you start to realise the excitement to celebrate Raya will no longer be like yesteryears. As you grow older, you really wish to turn the clock back, to become a kid back and celebrate Raya the way we always used to celebrate it. Again, it’s something impossible and you just need to accept who you are right now.

My parents are going to go back to Pahang and I’m not going to follow them. I really want to celebrate raya with my grandma in Kedah, because she is the one who takes care of me since I was young. I spent most of my time with her as for me, she’s the best grandma you can have. There was one time (last year to be exact) when I didn’t celebrate Raya with her and I felt very guilty. Usually, we will go back to Pahang on the second raya. I just do not want to repeat the same mistake again.

I went out with my friends, Alifah, Harinn and Azman to break our fast outside the college. It was fun, and I really mean it. Breaking fast together and seeing how Azman was about to be hit by a car :-) were something that I will never forget. A week after that, I went out breaking fast with Amin, Eju and Anati. It was fun either as that was my first time in life breaking fast at mamak’s stall. Amin was still kempunan tak dapat buka puasa kat KFC.

I did the cup cakes request together with my team for our fund raising. It was very tiring because that was our first time managing 450 cup cakes all together. We managed the cup cake request until the café worker chased away. Hahaha.. thank God, we managed to make lots of profit and insya-Allah, our house trip will not be at plaza tol lembah beringin. ( no promise ok?)

Alethea’s birthday party was also fun.. Thanks kak sarah n mandor for the cake and Alethea cried, for her that was her best party ever. Hahahha.

I also learnt something priceless in KYUEM, that there are many types of people.W hat do you think if you do something to this particular person, and this person never appreciates it?. Mm… whatever.. malas nak fikir.

I had my math, physics and chem test before holiday. So far so good but I’m still not satisfied with the marks.

Some people advised me, relaks lah Zulikhwan. Baru first time.

Aiyo.. Mana boleh relaks lar . nanti takut x sempat catch up. I need to double up my work. It’s very hard right now to get a place for medicine in the UK. So, I really need to work hard. I really hope I can make it to the UK..

Salam Ramadhan,

p/s : x tahu kenapa tangan aku gatal tulis panjang kali nie and cam nak nangis jer tulis nie.. terharu sebab apa ek?? Hahah.. nie pasti sebab ngada2..hahahaha...