Thursday, January 7, 2010

My brother and job attachment

My brother was admitted to the hospital 4 days ago due to bacteria infection and the doctor allowed him to go back home today. Nothing serious happened but I was totally in a panic on the first day. I was at the hospital to do my job attachment when I heard the news. He first told my parents that his legs were in pain after coming back from the school. My parents brought him to the nearest clinic but the doctor there advised to bring him to the hospital. While he has at the hospital, he was directly referred to the pediatric clinic. X-ray was done to examine his backbone and knees. The doctor could not figure out what went wrong with his legs. The doctor assumed it was due to bacteria infection. He was given a few injections to fight against the bacteria. The blood test was out and everything was fine. The bacteria started to attack the tendon of both knees first then moved to the shoulders’ joints. He’s okay now. I was with him for the whole 4 days until I have done all of my homework because I did not know what to do there. Hahaha. I was also attached to the same ward So, everything is back to normal. But he needed to go back to the clinic a month after. As a treat to that, my parents will bring him to The Carnival tomorrow.

I was so excited and fun while doing my job attachment. It was my first time when I watched 7 operations done in front of me in a day. I was so fascinated with the structure of human anatomy and how a small stone in our gall bladder will affect the whole function of our body. Just imagine, there are 12 operation theaters in the hospital at each theater will perform 8 operations per day from 8 am until 5.00 pm! I felt sorry with the doctors there as they looked extremely exhausted and tired. An operation must be done by 2 doctors. They only took a short break in between the operations just to give ample time for staffs to clean up the mess there. It was during my attachment too, when I saw some people’s reactions would change when they heard they have cancer. Some refused to listen to the doctors as they believed traditional treatments more than anything else until there was an old man’s kidney became smaller due to the traditional treatments given by an unqualified doctor. It was very dangerous!

Oh, if I could change the world, I would have asked for everyone to be healthy.

Ok. That is it for now!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A new CHANGE for everyone??

I wish happy new year to everyone. When new year comes in, people always talk about changes, changes that everyone is hoping to do. So do I. It may sound cliche, but that is the fact of life. Life is a wheel. sometimes, you are at up, sometimes down. so many things happened in 2009, some awere bad but most were pleasurable memories. but that is what makes me stronger in the future. I hope this year will bring changes to everyone for greater good.

So, what are my wishes?

  1. I hope everything will be fine..
  2. Good results for my a-levels
  3. Good friends..
  4. My family is in the best of all

I think, that is it. But my new year actually already started from the 1st Muharram :-). I hope everyone will have a wonderful year. One more week left before i start my college time back.