Sunday, November 22, 2009

my undying blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Let’s see. It has been 2 months since the last time I wrote something here. Maybe I was quite lazy to write because there were so many activities here; in KYUEM. But my blog is still alive! And now, I am back. It’s semester break and I hope I will have more time to write something here.

Talking about what I did for the past few weeks, there were so many things happened. I took my semester exam last month and the result was announced 2 weeks after that. I didn't know what went wrong with the exam. The exam turned out to be very bad for me. I blamed nobody for my failure but myself. Maybe I played too much for the past few weeks and I was being overconfident about the exam. I have made a promise to myself not to play anymore. (ye kan Alifah ?:-)). Next year is going to be an ‘insaf’ mode for me because I really, really need to change. Last week too was the End of Semester dinner. I went crazy during the concert because the song was very nice. Really had fun eating together with my friends and that didn’t include the part when I could not figure out the trick that Harinn taught us to play. Unfortunately, the night saw Topaz won the inter-house video competition (I thought Sapphire would have won because of the originality that they had).

I also spent my weekend with Harinn, Alifah, Eju, Amin and Azman. We went to my uncle’s house. It was an unplanned trip either because it was a last minute decision. We just didn’t know where to go during that day and I just invited them to follow me. Just imagined, there were 7 people in my uncle’s CRV! Thank God, I was sitting in front! But, the worst part was when we went to the river and it was raining! Hahaha. I think you should read Eju’s post and you will know how adventurous the trip was. We went to the nearby ‘pondok’ without knowing it was ’Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kuala Kubu Baru’. But frankly speaking, we really had a whale of time together.

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you something. I had mouth fighting with Almaz over Harinn . I think that was on our last night when we had our last dinner at the café. I still remember how Almaz ‘warned’ me: Ngko jangan zuli! Sekali aku gedik, ngko tak sangka aku akan jadi camni”. And we dared her to show it to us. And she did! Unbelievable! Thanks Almaz for cheering us up with your ‘gedikness’ when we already lost our mood to talk. It was extremely fun!

I also became the host for our Movie Gala Night. We watched 3 movies in a row which ended up I slept before having the chance to watch the last one. We woke up very late and fortunately, I didn’t have any class at all. But, poor Chuky and Fawwaz. Both of them slept in my chalet and I forgot to wake them up. We were so tired!

Last week too, I learned how to play one game from Afiq Anuar@Kiasu. It was plant vs zombie. I just could not explain to you how addicted I was! The game was not as fun as CS or DOTA, but it was very addictive! I didn’t do my homework during the final week because I was very preoccupied playing that game and watching movies! You will not believe me if I tell you that I watched 2 movies every night during the final week! But, I still manage to complete my Chemistry assignment. Huhu.

I still have a lot of things to write but I’m so tired right now. I need to get my Chemistry essay done. Let the pictures tell you how enjoyable the whole semester was!! Thank you everyone!!!

during the weekend

makan-makan during movie night

end of semester dinner

BNM orientation program at Kompleks Peranginan BNM Port Dickson

posing first before it got rained