Monday, June 28, 2010


Kadangkala, bila perasaan malas datang, facebook dah ditengok 24 jam ditambah dengan tak tahu nak buat apa, datanglah post yang tak bermotif macam nie:-)...

- walaupun perasaan malas datang, i will try to finish up my homework: Maths exercise, physics question papers, chemistry and biology notes

- half way dah for my ps

- im in dilemma.... I have 4 options for my university choices. what universities to choose: currently in consideration....... (nothing hehehehe)

- Good luck to fendy dalam membuat IC and bank card nyer yang telah dicuri.. Hehehe..

- Sudah menukar layout blog nie untuk kali keberapa ntah disebabkan mengambil nasihat sara yang suruh selalu sign in..Hehehehe

'Koleq' teachers

The news isn’t new for everyone. But, I just found out about it few days ago. My beloved MCKK ‘sensei’ was transferred to Clifford last April on the basis that she didn’t contribute anything to the school @ she wasn’t a superb teacher.

I might not know her very well. She only taught me English when I was in form 2. But one thing for sure, she never failed to ask anything about me everyday. She was very concerned, more than anyone else in MCKK especially about my debating career. She knew when I had problems and whenever she met me:

‘Zuli, senyum lah sikit. Nampak tua dah muka awak tu :-)’ – maybe that’s the reason why I look older than my friends of the same age

I still remember, whenever we (the debaters) finished our meeting quite late, we always called her to order some food. She never failed to disappoint us. And whenever I went back to MCKK (even after SPM), she always contacted me via sms or facebook. We sometimes never failed to chat, asking about everything. However, due to my very packed schedule, I haven’t had the chance to talk to her.

She may not be a ‘superb’ teacher like what the school told her, but she is always a GREAT AND EXTRAORDINARY teacher to me.

Sayonara Sensei Azizah Amin. Thanks for everything. NGA satu! :-)

Since last few years, many teachers decided to leave MCKK even though they really love the school. Some of them have spent most of their lives in MCKK (up to 20 years). But due to the improper management of the school (the principal to be exact) many great teachers left the school. But I know, deep inside their hearts, they want to go back to MCKK.

A few weeks ago, my father met Cg. Malik (who is currently in SBPI Kubang Pasu). He directly asked about me. I still remember when I was a Form 1, I cried because of homesick. My father met him to discuss about this. And the only thing he told my father was to just ignore me until a few months later; I managed to overcome the problem. He told my dad, if he is given the opportunity to be a teacher at MCKK back, he will not hesitate to take the offer.

Ust. Ishak was also the one of the teachers that faced the same problem. He was my warden when I was a Form 1. After more than 10 years serving for MCKK, he decided to leave MCKK. Tukar angin katanya’. A very lovely teacher. Always made jokes and always taught us to be independent.

During my time, there were a few teachers who never entered any class to teach (isn't that what a teacher should do?), but they are still there till now. they have not been transferred to other schools. Maybe because they are 'superb', or maybe because they know how to 'lick' (sounds fishy right) the principal.

Whatever it is i love you all!!!

'' maybe we should change the principal kowt:-)mesti MCKK akan top kembali''

** Sensei Azizah may have forgotten this. When I was a form 2, she told me one thing after her last English class with me in the Japanese Room : 'zulikhwan, I know you can be someone extraordinary out there. Never let anything distract you.'
I always remember her advice until now.......

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing much...

Finally, I managed to write something for my blog. Nothing much to say. It has been a while since the last time I posted something here

- The english debate team made it to the semi final – but they lost (the curse which couldn’t be broken since 2004)

- Done with my AS exam which took place for almost 6 weeks!

- Done with our Ecotrip for Biology

- Currently busy with my university application i.e. personal statement workshop and Oxbridge tutorial.

- Done with 2nd semester. Can’t wait to get out of the college to start my degree :-) (insya allah)

- Managed to watch 6 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in just 2 months :-)

- Currently busy with my job attachment for the 4th time at the hospital

- Currently missing like hell my koleq friends (even though I always called fendy and fido)

- Trying to study during holidays

- Finished reading the Kite Runner and Anne Frank

- Planning to read 3 more books before the end of this holiday

- Currently a volunteer at a community centre for learning disabilities

- Planning to a member of Malaysian Red Crescent Society