Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Everyone need a treat to themselves. I find mine. Here

Wake up everyday, only to look at the window this kind of beauty, who can say no to that?

Everyone needs to refresh themselves. But how do you that?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For One More Year

Sorry for taking a short break from writing because of the bundle of academic works that I have to bear - perhaps it is just another excuse I made to myself

I hope it is not awfully late to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. 2013 is just another year for everyone, with a list of resolutions and promises we make to ourselves

2012 passed by quickly. With many downs that ups, we can only pray to God to make us stronger, that making life easier. Life will always push us to the limits, but only in it we can see the broad horizon ahead of us. Day by day, I learnt that it is essential to create and enjoy the moments you have because you cannot be sure of what lies ahead of us later on

It is the rule of nature, with death comes life, and with life, death will follow closely. Thus, make sure you embrace what you have, create the Wonderland that you wish for

Till we meet again, take care everyone

#I miss Lily so much that every day I wish I can see her now and then. God has promised that later on we shall see.