Thursday, March 26, 2009

Program Pendedahan Awal Kerjaya Seorang Doktor : a simple program yet meaningful

Program Pendedahan Awal Kerjaya Seorang Doktor.Mmm.. How should I say it. Very fun-lah… What else? You will see everything in real. So, here is my complete report with a few medical terms I’ve learnt throughout the program.

Day 1
I’m feeling very tired today after hearing a whole day of talks from a few doctors… it was about career as a doctor, the challenges and things like that… Was’nt in the mood to write but I’ve promised to myself to update each and every single thing.. So the day started with a talk by Dr. Sobariah and continued by a tour around the hospital. I just can’t wait for tomorrow because we will start our so called career exposure with Emergency Department first.. Wait for tomorrow…. Ok… Bye

Day 2
The most exciting day of all. My first posting was ED or Emergency Department. The day started very good with a show on baby delivery. Then, we were divided into a few groups and my first place was Red Zone or Resus Zone. It’s an emergency zone and there was an old lady with asthma problem. There were a few normal cases at yellow zone, green zone, asthma bay, procedure and ambulance and a few other places but those places are extremely busy until the doctors don’t really have time for us and most of the procedures are done by MA. So, the MOs are just having their sweet time looking around. (oh, forgot, MA is medical assistant and MO is doctor or medical officer). But, everything changed during the afternoon session because our next posting was secondary. This place is located in green zone and we saw a man who LOST HIS FINGER. He was a mechanic so when he wanted to repair the turbo engine, the fan started to move and he forgot that his finger was there. So, you just imagine the situation lah.. Next case was an OKU who put something in his ear and the MA took it out. It was a small fruit. There was also a lady with appendix and a boy with bleeding mouth (because of a motorcycle accident). He got a few jahitan and the most interesting part, the jahitan was not like normal sewing and the needle was like a C letter. There were also a few other cases and all of them were interesting for us because it was our first experience to see all of the cases. The worst case would be a man with the RADIUS coming out of his hand, so it was a nightmare for us. (just couldn’t sleep that night thinking of his hand). I learnt a few medical term terms like oral MAKSILLOFACIAL unit (a dental unit actually, but to make it more glamour, the use that term) and a few other weird terms.

Day 3
Fendy sms me saying that he got the interview (congratz to him) but I wasn’t have time to check my name because I was already at the hospital. So, for the whole day I was quite worried, afraid that my name wasn’t in the list. Most of my friends in the program got the interview and the situation was quite havoc as everybody started to talk on the same thing, INTERVIEW!!!
Next posting was Orthopedic Clinic. Nothing much because everything was related to bones. There were a few wards and most of them were normal wards. There was this lady with an iron in her leg.
Nest posting ( the most TRILLING place) was FORENSIC UNIT. We went to the Bilik Mayat and everybody started to talk about the bilik mayat. After a few minutes, an officer brought us into the room. It was a small room with a few cubicles and the temperature dropped until 8c inside the cubicles and we had the chance to see a REAL DEAD BODY. Wow!!! We were not so sure with the cause of death because a police was very busy taking a few pictures of him. The officer showed a few other places like the bathing room and the day ended well as everything was interesting in the Forensic Unit. Words of the day, ozh (not so sure about the spelling but that is how it sounds lah) and medico-legal (means police case)
I checked my name directly after I went back home and thank God, my name was in the list. The JPA interview will be on 31st March at INTAN Wilayah Utara. Only four of my friends in the program didn’t have their names in the list but the passion to become doctors never faded.

Day 4
Our last day and everybody couldn’t wait for the closing ceremony. Hahahaa…The last posting was ONG Specialist Clinic and it’s the main clinic for Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak (Northern Zone). So, just imagine how busy it was. We went to the Labor Room (Baby Delivery Room), 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and clinic. A few other medical terms like oncology, and urokology. We saw a few delivery problems and gyne-related things. It was fun (of course lah because if not, I would not come to the hospital).
Last session would be the closing ceremony and we all got the certificates. I went back home and slept until 8.30 a.m. when finally I realized I didn’t pray yet. So, qado lah.. Hahaha..

After the program, I realize one thing, being a doctor is not merely about being glamour or whatsoever it is. It’s a noble career in which they give more than they take from the community. A houseman may work for 48 hours (non-stop) until he has no time to bath. So for me, the salary of a doctor is not enough in comparison with the sacrifice they had made. But that is what we call DOCTOR lah, must be very tough..(tough ke aku – hehehe).
The program pendedahan awal kerjaya seorang doktor was a complete whole new experience for me and I just cannot wait to have another program like this. Hope I would be able to get a JPA scholarship.


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